YOURLS—Easy, Highly Accessible, and, Of Course, Free

As someone who regularly uses internet, you must be in the know about how annoying it is to have to retype your most favorite website’s URLs every time you are going to visit it. Yes, bookmarking the websites will help but you must also hate having to going through the many bookmarks there are in the browser’s manager. You wish you could have this special page where all the website’s URLs are collected and each gets shortened while placed on in a more organized manner at the same time. Your hope will be resolved only by employing Yourls. The service allows you to be able to arrange every shortened version of your most favorite URLs and put them all in one page.

If you are familiar with certain browsers’ feature with which all the recent visited pages are put together on the first screen opened when you activate the browser, this service is exactly the same thing. Only, for this case, rather than recent web pages, it displays you lists of your personal shortened URLs. All you have to do is to click on certain URL and there you have the access to the website right away.

The YoURLs also allows you to keep the many links you have stored in the cloud, meaning that you are capable of accessing them directly despite any conditions. So in the event that you happen not to be in front of your laptop, you can always have easy access to the links through your cell phone or other laptop’s browser.

On the ‘sharing’ side, the service enables you to share all the links you have to friends and colleagues through social media websites. The service also offers you the chance to collect as many links as possible based on the interest you show on your link-storing habit.