How to Download YouTube-by-click

Enjoy watching video on YouTube is exciting and it will be more exciting if you can download the videos. There are many downloader offered but some may bring you into trouble. In order to make it easy for you to download the YouTube videos, you need reliable YouTube downloader. Once you may hear youtubebyclick. It is also called YT ByClick which appears to be a downloader the YouTube videos to MP3 or even MP4. You only need to download the downloader and install it to your browser. By having it in your browser, you can easily download the YouTube video in one click. However, not all browsers support this application. The browsers you can use are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and also Chrome. The downloading then appears to be simple, easy and quick. Applying it in your Windows is not a hard thing to do.

For you who are Mac users, youtube by click will not be as easy and simple as that. Complex things will occur that there will not be any simple process required to download the youtube. Hence, you are recommended by have iSkysoft iTube Studio for Mac. Compare to YT ByClick toolbar, this program appears to be better. There are some easy ways for you to get the youtube by click for Mac. If you are watching the video, move your mouse and click download button and the video will be downloaded. In order to get this program, you can have youtube by click download free trial version. If you are Windows users, you can download iSkysoft iTube for Windows. The idea is it gives you simple steps to do in order to download the video from youtube to any format you want by one click. Once you have the program in your Mac, double click it and you will face several simple steps to do. The first one is installment.

Once the installment done, every time you watch the videos from youtube, you will see a download button. youtube-by-click is about to start then by simply clicking the download button which appears at the top left corner of the video. By having this program, you can also directly play the video you downloaded. This is because iSkysoft iTube for Mac is equipped with FLV player. In order to play it you need to convert the video first. The conversion itself is quite simple that you only need to click Convert which you can easily find in Download tab. Click ok and everything will be done well.