OPPO Is Ready to Compete Android Samsung Camera

It is not only playing in cell phone industry, it is reported that OPPO will release a camera with Android operating system. It’s exactly like what offered by Samsung through Galaxy Camera.

Even though it is not mentioned clearly about the specifications of the products, OPPO said that this Galaxy Camera rival is outfitted with high resolution lens as well as a great processing image processor. This product is claimed to be able to take picture nicely even in the night thanks to a sensor named an owl.

Besides about the specifications of the OPPO, OPPO vendor claimed that their product has an innovative design. In fact, it is one of the most upsides if compared with the product of a giant producer of gadget from Korean.


3 Benefits of Having a Personal Digital Assistant When You Are Visually Impaired

One of the more frustrating things to do when you're blind, or have extremely poor vision, is to operate a business or work in an office without an assistant. Even working around the house can be frustrating. There are a lot of things you can do on your own, but some tasks require a pair of eyes. Fortunately, digital assistants side-step this problem and allow you to remain independent.

Tasks Are Easier

Personal digital assistants (PDAs) are really small and portable devices designed for storing information. They work in tandem with a braille typewriter or printer. The stored information can then be accessed through a built-in speech synthesizer or a braille computer display monitor.


Royalty Free Background Music for Your Podcast

When you want to give information to people of specific groups, you can use various digital media to make that information more accessible for them. There are many digital media that you can use; podcast is one of them. Podcast contains a series of digital media containing information that is meant to be accessed by specific groups of people, such as students and the like. The series is usually episodic. Therefore, a podcast that is broadcasted later is often a continuation of one that is broadcasted previously. Because podcast is used to deliver information to anyone who hears it, it should be made as clear and attractive as possible.

Royalty free podcast music is available if you want to make your podcast attractive. Although you don’t necessarily have to accompany your podcast with background music, your podcast will taste bland if no music accompanies your narration. A piece of background music that you add to your podcast will add not only attraction to it, but also strengthen the message that you want to deliver through your podcast. If you want to emphasize certain elements of your broadcast, you can add background music whenever those elements are being recorded. If you are making a narration about history, for example, you can use epic background music whenever you are telling about battles.


Potential Success of Android Ouya

There’s no bigger misfit in gaming right now than Android’s Ouya console. Why? Because it’s not a Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo product. And for the ordinary consumer, that’s a problem.

The gaming hardware business has, more or less, always been a three-horse race – in fact, the only time it seemed it was about to see a fourth competitor (Microsoft), Sega declared third-party status and dropped out of the marathon. Though Ouya has some revolutionary qualities, its probability of failure is, sadly, about as likely as the next Zelda game involving a sword, a shield, and a princess.