About GTechPedia

GTechPedia is kind of portal which attempts to present various newest information around the High-Technology advancements such as Information Technology (this consists of Internet and the applications around) and Communication Technology such as Multimedia, gadget and related.

Just exactly displayed at the site, we divide the session in several categories and sub-categories. Category consists of Web Learning, IT Media, Gadgets and high-Tech. And sub-category consists of Design, Development & Programming, Hosting & Domain, CMS (Content Management System), SEO & IM (Internet Marketing), Computer & Peripherals, Computer Software, Handphone, Smartphone, iPhone, Camera.

We attempt to provide understandable and worthwhile information including how to use and utilize those all positively for your life, livelihood and lifestyle.

This site not only gives information but also provides several free applications which are available to be downloaded and then utilized. For temporary, owing to our limitations, applications provided are just for web development and the number of those is still limited, however we keep to effort giving the best by improving other applications. With these limitations, we realize that it is very required the collaboration and aid from other side therefore we will very open and be thankful if you interest to assist us.

We hope that this site will give one of the alternatives for you getting Information around Technology and related properly. And hopefully, you will be convenient and endure to keep visiting this site.


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