Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The delivery man just delivered! Happy as a Clam!


I just got these and they are absolutely great! These light up sneakers brought me back to the 90’s where, as a kid I wore these and now that It’s in fashion again I can wear them once again. The lights are really bright and look good, I plan on using these for when i go for a jog at night so drivers won’t have a difficult time seeing me! I’ve had a few close calls a couple of months back and honestly jogging at 10-11 Pm does make me feel great! The quality on these light up sneakers are really good, firmly stitched so i know they won’t come apart in a matter of months! And everywhere i go people ask me where i got them!

I found them through here: … ght-up-sneakers.html

I found a couple of other items there but these were definetly a steal, I found a pair on amazon twice the price i paid! So Thank You Kuaks For making that possible!!